Monday 9 February 2015

Premiership Football Club Seeks Oversized Chanteuse

We battered them for 92 minutes. Yes indeed, Manchester United were truly outplayed - leaving this observer wondering "are they that bad or have we gotten that good"

and then they scored a stooopid goal in injury time to snatch a draw.

Total injustice. Total. We do not expect such happenings under Big Sam where you usually get more than you deserve and conceding late goals is supposed to be a freak occurence.

This season we have done it against Spurs, Everton and now Man United - all matches that we would have 'appreciated' winning.

Rumour has it that Sam is looking for a fat lady so the guys can practice keeping up the defensive shutters until she breaks into song.

One final thought.....was this injury-time concession as annoying as the Stevie G FA Cup final one in 2006?


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