Monday 24 November 2014

Tomkins seeking move to La Liga

Julio Tomkins
In the latest evidence that mighty West Ham are preparing for the challenge of European football next season, Ace defender James Tomkins took the opportunity to practice the European art of feigned facial injury during Saturday's match against Everton.

Widely castigated by pundits, including the majority of Hammers' fans, Tomkins has opted to remain silent on the issue. Given the unchecked and escalating nasty physical nature of challenges from the Everton camp (Naismith maiming Noble, McCarthy clattering Amalfitano, Mirallas leaping into Amalfitano) maybe Tomkins thought that the only way to waken dozey ref Mark Clattenburg up from his daydreams about upcoming pop concerts was to take a dive. 

Taking a leaf from Ross Barkley's book, who earlier managed a triple twirl and double pirouette after a non-challenge from Kevin Nolan that WAS spotted by Clatts, Tomkins merelt chose to highlight the increasing blight of referred pain injuries. Moreover, as a top international model, he is extremely sensitive to peri-facial movement.

Either way, maybe if Clattenburg had taken some control of the game earlier then perhaps Tomkins might not have felt the need to resort to such drama. 

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  1. At the end of the day there is only one person who can shoulder responsibility for such actions.



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