Saturday 1 November 2014

Hughes: We are an easy target

In his latest effort to agitate the Stoke City squad and fans with a sense of intergalactic persecution, current manager Mark Hughes has launched an attack on the outside world due to the perceived mistreatment of 'gentle' Ryan Shawcross who was sent off recently for fouling an opponent who was through on goal deblah blah.

However, Hughes may have overcooked the goose on this occasion as in among all the whingeing was the startling insight that Stoke City are "an easy target"! With the current manpower crisis in the Stoke midfield, West Ham will hope that the target will transpire to be the Stoke goal and with the Kouyate-Song-Noble triangle growing in dominance with every game, we can expect Stoke to dispense with midfield and hit it long to a Crouchless (ED: not Crotchless!) strike force.

So it looks like we are likely to be treated to the Old Allardyce method versus the new found stylish Samuel as Bootiful take on Beautiful.

Don't bet on the pretty stuff holding much sway up at the Potteries where away results are a rarity for the Hammers. 

We are putting our cash on a stifled 1-1 affair. Conservative but........

And please, no injuries. 

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