Monday 22 September 2014

Nolan: Is the Fat Lady Preparing for SONG?

First of all, VERYWESTHAM are not amongst those Nolan-haters who have been of the view that our Captain falls short in terms of overall contribution to the team. No doubt, the legs aren't as able as before, and he is only slightly faster than a vintage Massey-Ferguson tractor, but you simply cannot overlook the importance of his on-field leadership (yes, he's an irritating whingy git - but wouldn't you rather have him in your corner than against you?) and goals in getting back to the Premiership and then securing our status as a top flight club.

Equally, it's hard not to think that Diame or Morrison might have prospered better if Nolan didn't have squatters rights to the attacking midfield position. Moreover, Noble's progress might have been greater with a more-mobile midfield partner, and Nobes' promotion to club captain is well overdue.

As Kev continues to recover from his shoulder injury, he must be wondering how Big Sam can justify selecting him over the sensational Kouyate and the stunning Song? Moreover, the forward 'hole' position has been occupied to great effect by Mauro Zarate...

Is that a fat lady clearing her throat I hear?

Either way, if this is the start of the end for Nolan, we should recognise his tremendous contribution to the club and acknowledge that his signing was a master stroke by Allardyce at a time when we were all at sea and descending rapidly towards Chumpionship anonymnity...

With the Hammers waiting on a scan on Kouyate after he hobbled through Saturday's demolition of Liverpool, maybe a gap might appear for Nolan again.

And there's always the African Nations Cup to create mayhem in the ranks.

Maybe he can make double figures in goals scored for the fifth season in a row - not bad for a player who doesn't take penalties.

Oh! and then there's the small matter that he is contracted until Summer 2016.

Kev relaxes with his mates at VWH



  1. BFS will always stick by his man...If BFS stays long enough, Nolan will still be getting a starting place when he's on the pension!

  2. Most of his goals over the past two seasons have been in meaningless games at the end of the season.

    and then there's the needless red cards...


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