Wednesday 19 April 2023

Taking a Pessimistic Stance on the End of Season Table

Football London provided a link for wannabe-Nostradamus types to predict the results of all relegation-relevant games between now and the season's end.

We told Rory Nostradamus to think negatively about West Ham results and boy did he get grumpy - predicting not a single win in our remaining fixtures!

But even with four draws Moyes men will likely stumble over the line given the accordion like nature of the bottom half of the table!

If our tealeave reader is correct then Forests home form will see them dip ahead of Leicester and Everton! That would see two shock relegation-ers! 

After the heroics against Arsenal at the weekend, Hammers fans will be hoping for a few wins and in reality two victories should be easily enough but as veterans of relegation mud fights we know that the run in can throw out some crazy results!

Moreover, with 3 points for a win a sudden shift in form or fortunes could yet save Everton or Leicester.

Maintaining our superior goal difference could yet become vital.

Right, lets get back to Gent tomorrow night. They looked decent in the first leg but surely we will play better in the home leg?


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  1. Southampton , Leicester and Everton will certainly end up with more points than that . I think that after the excellent Arsenal come back , the squad will have enough confidence to get a couple of wins , hopefully starting at Bournemouth .


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