Monday 17 April 2023

Rice Tunnel Incident Suggests He Won't be Heading to the Emirates any time soon

Footage has emerged from after yesterday's clash showing Declan Rice getting an Arsenal shirt signed by Martin Odegaard in the tunnel leading from the pitch to the dressing room. Bizarrely, Gooners fans have interpreted that this means Rice will be switching to the Emirates in the Summer.

But why? It's an absurd conclusion!

If Rice was planning to become a Gooner he would surely just wait a few months and avoid any media speculation?

Rice has many fine qualities - as an exciting defensive midfield energy but also as a decent human being - excellent in interviews and thoughtful about what he says and does. In reality, those latter qualities are important factors underpinning the belief that he is a future England captain.

So rocking up to Odegaard is very unlikely to be in any way related to a desire to move to Arsenal. In fact it suggests that he has other thoughts entirely. 

Unless, of course, he knows something about Odegaard's Arsenal future that he isn't telling?

This tawdry episode merely serves to highlight how foolish the media rumour mill has become.



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  1. Chelsea will share the london stadium with w ham for 3 years done deal confirm


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