Monday 10 April 2023

Despite Win at Fulham, it's still touch and go for the drop

It's time to be very honest with ourselves as we enter the business end of the season just above the drop zone. Moyes' men picked up a vital 3 points against Fulham who not only dominated with 76% possession, but had to gift the Hammers an unfortunate own-goal.

The West ham defence played very well but you'd have to think that if Mitrovic had been on the pitch that at least some of the legions of crosses that were pumped in by Fulham would have delivered big scoring opportunities. Moreover, Fabianski's late intervention in the dying minutes to prevent a certain goal was a massive moment.

As a result, a supercomputer calculates that the Hammers are now only at 7% risk of relegation. This seems VERY optimistic indeed given that West ham's game in hand is away to Man City and 3 of our 4 remaining home games are against Liverpool, Arsenal and Man Utd - sides against whom Moyes' tactics rarely deliver points. 

So, if we are to get 6-7 more points we will need to get some decent results in our away fixtures at Bournemouth, Palace, Leicester and Brentford as well as at least a draw at home to Leeds. None of this looks anything like certain right now as we are really struggling to get goals and our away form has been atrocious. Nobody wants to be heading to Leicester on the final day needing a result to stay up!

The Gods of Footy were on our side against Fulham. Let's hope they keep up the good will towards us in the remaining nine games!



  1. And then what? No Rice, next season, so let’s hope our planning and recruitment for next season are better than they were for this.

  2. Not being complacent but I genuinely think Leicester and Southampton have gone and Forest have a really tough run in. I feel 32 points will be enough and I think we will get draws from Bournemouth and Palace so can't see us going down now. I wasn't so sure prior to Fulham but think we have done just enough. In terms of next year even without Rice a half decent manager would get far more out of what in real terms is a very very good squad.

  3. Our last 3 games our goals have come from defenders and an own goal moyes tactics are terrible we just cant score through open play he makes all our forwards look poor but its him not the forwards we are going to stay up and a change of manager is needed in the summer

  4. Benrhama wanted by arsenal confirmed moyes wants him out

    1. Good move for him needs to go to a club where hes allowed to showcase his superb talents

  5. Karen brady at the fulham v w ham game let's be honest she was only there because it was convenient as she resides in the west end

  6. W ham plan to sell scamacca my club is just a joke now

  7. Arnie slot spurs news let's make one thing clear hes not wanted as tottenham manager hes more a w ham choice second tier


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