Thursday 20 April 2023

From the frying pan into the fire: more Ref mayhem awaits tonight!

West ham were warned ahead of last week's clash with Gent that the referee was a bit wobbly and as predicted he dished out cards and presided over mayhem in the final minutes when the Hammers seemed to be about to snatch a victory. A stabilising influence he most certainly wasn't!

UEFA have decided to keep the tension levels high ( perhaps in an effort to liven up a pretty tepid competition!) and have appointed Israeli Card shark, Orel Grinfeld as match referee for tonights second leg.

Grinfeld has a similar 5 cards per game record to last week's man in the middle - Anastasios Sidiropoulos has dished out 120 yellow cards and four reds in 23 games, while Grinfeld has issued a total of 150 yellow and 4 red cards in 31 matches so far this season.

Will anybody be left to play for whichever side moves on to the Semi final?

Tread carefully lads!

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