Monday 31 July 2017

Toffees Grab Winstone Read

The current speculation regarding the future of West ham's Kiwi defensive sensation Winston 'Wonderful' Reid has understandably angered many Hammers fans who feel that having made the most exciting collection of signings to date in the Premiership that the media should look elsewhere when creating speculative transfer news. Maybe try Spurs, for example, where the North London side have contributed nothing to the transfer circus apart from letting one of their best players go to rivals Man City.

The rumour is that Ronald Koeman wants a West Ham centre back - initially, it was speculated that James Collins might make the move - albeit with no apparent foundation and very much flying against Collins' own recent comments about his future: "I’d love to finish my career here....It’s been a major part of my life – I met my wife here, so my family are from the area, and I’m a very lucky boy to have been at such a good club for so long. And hopefully it can continue"


As such, tabloid interest has now switched to focus upon Winston Reid.

Just exactly why Reid would want to leave London for Liverpool, or switch from a club where he has been the lynchpin around which our continued rise has been driven, makes no sense. With Everton having lost their best player while West Ham have patiently assembled a top class squad, it seems that West Ham rather than Everton are the better bet for a top six invasion next season. Hammers fans will be calmed by the clue as to the veracity of the story highlighted by the suggested fee of £9million. Ahaaaaahaaaaa. Dream on Toffees! Reid is contracted to 2021 and has a £20 million buyout clause - both for good reason!

As the Lukaku-less Toffees try to regroup, perhaps their efforts can indeed be encouraged by a Winstone Read - but they are more likely to get a read of Ray Winstone's compelling biography than a slice of our Kiwi maestro.   

Meanwhile, Winston Reid is preparing himself for the season when his sustained efforts of recent years are rewarded with some silverware!




  1. Better chance of top 6???? Ha ha ha. Cheers for that. Brightened up my Monday no end!

  2. Huddersfield will have a better chance of top 6 than Liverpool's understudies - Reid is better off staying where he is....

  3. A bit diluted to say you've patiently assembled a top class squad,and will finish above Everton,who will add at least 3 more big players before the season starts. West Ham might stay out of the relegation battle,because ye have a top class manager in Bilic,while we battle for the top 4.

  4. Haha funny that mate silverware and top six.

  5. You West Hams really do make me laugh. The most deluded view of your own club I've ever Seen. Just s few weeks back you were screaming for Sullivan and Gold's head. Chichurito I admit is a good signing but that's about it. Arnautovic is a mercenary. you wont be anywhere near Everton this year, just like last year. Thanks for the laughs though.

    1. Grant chichester31 July 2017 at 03:17

      i agree and im a west ham fan one who actually goes every week.our fans via social media are a constant embarrassment to the club, the chairmen do put themselves out there to be criticised with media comments but the abuse they get from our own fans is disgraceful, some proper morons out there.

  6. Why would reid stay at a club who will do their usual and be relegated in a season or two

  7. Ahh West Ham the only club in recent memory that has mucked up a free stadium. Run by pornographers and cant stop fighting amongst themselves in the stands. A "quality outfit" abandoned as tinpot by the one really decent player they've had in recent years and who've gone all giddy about a loan for Joe Hart!. Be amusing to see if we choose to pay the 20mn release clause for Reid now.

  8. Dont you just love these deluded Cockernees,"better bet for top 6",you should be on the stage pal.You've had to much liquor on your pie and mash fella,go and knock your mates out in your rented accomodation.

  9. In my opinion we will finish 8th
    7th if we buy one or two more.
    Everton around 6.
    From a cockernee.

  10. I think reid is an excellent player and i wouldn't be at all surprised if he went to Everton but the way the transfer market is at present nine million west ham would be mad selling him for that price

  11. It's so predictable that if you yank a scouse chain it'll flush n flush n flush!

    Keep the put downs coming guys - it's happy days for both clubs as we are both on the rise and rise :-)

  12. Mori gets injured and the media start their usual guessing frenzy and you all start kicking off abusing each other lol. Idiots. Everton not placed any bids for West ham player or indeed any cb from any team. Media speculation. Grow up!

  13. You sound very wise

    and really grown up

    had your prostrate checked recently?

  14. Pickford




    Why the hell would Reid want to join that lot? 75% of the attacking threat gone with Lukaku.

    We'll swap Collins for Barkley, another player that wants out!!

  15. West Ham are relegation fodder

  16. you bunch of muggy scouse wankers, looking forward to you this season

  17. Uefa club ranking West ham not even in top 100!!!!!!

  18. I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year 😉.....COYI

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