Friday 2 December 2016

Did George Weah Recommend Simone Zaza?

Uncannily similar running off the ball

Deep into the second half of Wednesday night's encounter with Man United there was a moment of fantastic realisation for Hammers fans . With SuperSlav's boys looking for a way back into the game, Italian hit man Simone Zaza was sent on to save the day.

Within moments he managed an amazingly awful effort on goal that actually went out for a throw in! Such was the incredible shitness of the shot that the gathered DergHammers, who had previously been silently harbouring thoughts of a Jim Jones style group suicide, burst into laughter that then progressed to full applause and a round of celebratory bevvies. Comedy at it's football finest!

All of which begs the question - how did we get him? Is Zaza really an Italian international? It isn't only his lack of prowess in front of goal that raises concern, but his general running off the ball and ability to compete is similarly unimpressive.

The last time we witnessed such hilarity was surely the Ali Dia saga. as the story goes, Southampton manager Graeme Souness signed Dia on the strength of a telephone call from somebody purporting to be the then World player of the year George Weah. Dia was spectacularly inept such that he managed to play once for the Saints coming on as a substitute, prancing around cluelessly and then being substituted himself!

However, unlike Zaza, Dia was given his marching order two weeks after his arrival and Southampton definitely did not pay anybody £25 million for his services.

Arsenal next. Hmmmm. We knew this series of fixtures would be tough. Dig in. There will be better timers ahead for sure.

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