Monday 29 August 2016

Oh No! What's going on with Payet now?

SuperSlaven Bilic really needs to clear up what's going on with Dimitri Payet. rested (again) for Sunday's visit to the Etihad, he seems well and fit to link in with Les Bleus for international duty! David Gold has tweeted to reassure fans that Dimitri is going nowhere (rather like the club over the past fortnight!), but pictures of Payet ready to contribute to the France squad serve to raise concerns about what is really going on - particularly since the transfer window is still most definitely open!

Only SuperSlav will settle our nerves about Dimitri - maybe it's time he admitted that he didn't think we could get a result at the Etihad and decided to spare Payet the hassle of trying to prevent an inevitable defeat? Interestingly, we had a free kick in Payet territory during the match that might have squared things before the Sterling breakaway goal...

Even more difficult to fathom - what on earth is he wearing right now? It really is Naff Naff......Mrs Payet, you need to take your man in hand!



  1. Well for what it's worth Bilic actually stated a couple weeks back that he was staying and how important it was that we kept him, so not sure what else beyond 3 now, is supposed to be said, as a daily refirmation would simply make the club a laughing stock and make everyone even more suspicious anyway as it would suggest nervousness. Why he isn't actually playing mind is anyone's guess but it's not uncommon for the national medical team to want to check a selected players fitness while I'm sure he would want to be part of the squad fully fit or otherwise.

  2. What is going on? We have been led to believe all Summer that we have ambitions to break into the top 4 (Karren Brady talking about winning Premiership) so why all this cloak and dagger stuff around Payet? Whàt is going on? If they selling him now the credibility of Brady, Gold and Sullivan is in tatters. On the other hand, why no clear statements about his current position? Ms Brady, l suggest you have a word with Nick for PR advice!!

  3. Keeping him hidden until transfer deadline passes obviously

  4. What he is wearing costs around 1200 pound!! If we get 60 million for a 29 year old player that cost around 10 wouldnt that be amazing business??

  5. FFS here we go again for a West Ham based website we do print some crap, nearly as bad as the brentwould guessit

  6. Oh and for the snidey commenst about our form!!! We played Chelsea away and Man city away in 3 games! We had 5 key players out in both games!! Name me any team in the Premiership that can have 5 first team players out and go to them 2 teams and get something??

    1. fair point re the injuries but we haven't played well in any game yet through Preseason and since....that's about 10 games now. Its a bit worrying.

      £1200!!! Its even more expensive than most of the 'leisure range' in our club shop!

  7. Winston Reid not back till September 10th, nordveit not back September 10th, carroll september 17th, andre ayew who played for West ham 30 mins and back in November now, feghouli back in September 10th, Cresswell November 26th all injured and back at around them dates. Can someone tell me what the he'll is going on? Must be something going on


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