Friday 26 August 2016

Another Howler from SuperSlav!!!

Its been a tough week for Hammers head honcho Slaven Bilic. A host of new injuries coupled with an embarrassingexit from the Europa League have provoked a negative cloud to descend upon the Olympic Stadium.

However, SuperSlav is a fantastic communicator and in typical fashion tried to turn the issue of fans booing his underperforming side on its head.

Bilic stated that he was pleased that fans booed as it indicated their passion and sensitivity towards what is going on on the pitch. He went on to express his belief that Hammers fans love their physical stoppers as much as the Di Canios and Bishops. He bemoaned the increasing tendency for referees to punish any physically robust play explaining how football "is not ballet"

Hmmmm. I doubt if Sir Alf G would agree! Slav rarely gets it wrong, so lets enjoy a rare howler from the great one.


  1. NOT quite sure what the supposed howler there that AG would not agree with actually is. Can't really see him thinking the game is ballet played by guys in tights somehow.

    1. Ballet has gotten very aggressive these days��

  2. Yeah, because soccer is played by the hardest men of all the football codes! Basically it's a game for Nancy Boys afraid of physical contact. If you don't play your sport with a mouth guard then you might as well be playing touch football with the girls.

  3. Have to disagree with Slav, football is now outdoor ballet much like Swan Lake with the amount of diving going on and the best lead dancers usually end up challenging for the golden boot....sad but would Bonzo, Stuart Pearce, Mark Ward, David Cross and the legend that is Sir Tommy Taylor have played more than a dozen games a season with the current crop of so called pro's..... The game ceased to be a contact sport many years ago and along with it true fighting spirit from those mentioned and their contemporaries throughout the leagues...remember did anyone hear George Best moan when he had lumps kicked out of him every game? The current crop would be rolling around with no more than a broken finger nail


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