Thursday 11 August 2016

Hartson recalls 'that' incident

The continued health and prosperity of Big John Hartson is something that all football fans find inspiring. Having survived a life threatening battle with testicular cancer that had spread to his brain, he serves as a testimony to the powers of recovery with his amusing an astute contributions as a media pundit.

Last night saw Hartson appear on Newstalk FM in Ireland where he revisited various highs and lows from his career. Many listeners would have been surprised to hear how Hartson scored the winning goal in 4 consecutive old firm derbies! When asked about the biggest game in his career he replied 'all the big firm games'. When the interviewers asked him to select one Celtic-Rangers clash in particular he replied 'all of them'!

In terms of low points, he was quick to identify the 1998 training ground incident with Eyal Berkovic as 'the biggest regret of my career'. john explained how a rush of blood to the head caused the incident but was quick to point out that although very physical in a targeted way, he was never 'dirty' and lamented how much it affected his reputation and subsequent career.

He also joked how after apologising and making peace with Berkovic, he had returned home with the assurance that the incident would be kept quiet. however, his bedtime tea and KitKat (!) was spoiled by his wife summoning him to see himself featuring on the news at ten as the footage had been released and gone viral! 

Why not visit the John Hartson Foundation and support their battle against testicular cancer:  

There's lot's of information about how you can reduce your risk from testicular cancer.

Meanwhile, Big John continues as an inspiration to us all - and a refreshingly forthright and humorous commentator on all things footy.


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