Monday 21 September 2015

With Slaven its all Girls Girls Girls!!!

West Ham's victory over Man City was indeed a beautiful sight to behold, with the Visitors playing to the perfect game plan in order to overturn a City side who were being described as unplayable!

Hammer's boss Slaven Bilic was clearly well pleased with the performance of his side and like many struggled to find superlatives that could capture the moment.

That is until he stumbled upon a remarkable comparison, describing the victory at the Etihad as pleasing as walking into a pub full of girls!!! does this fit with his previous comments about the relationship between attractive members of the fairer sex and the beautiful game.....""With the greatest respect to women, football is the most beautiful thing in the world"

Bloody hell...make your mind up man?

There will be a chance to watch the latest enthralling episode of Bilic at the Boleyn as West Ham take on foxy Leicester City in another away game tomorrow night in the League Cup (or whatever it's called this year!).

Crazy days all round!!!

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