Wednesday 16 September 2015

Chelsea Leg End Slams Black Sheep Payet!

Mon Dieu!!! A war of words has broken out between West Ham's Dimitri Payet and France boss Diddy-eh Des Chomps. Payet described his feelings of confusion at how he might find a way back into the French set up where the door seems firmly shut despite his consistently excellent (and at times jaw-droppingly impressive) form at club level. Des Chump responded today by insinuating that Payet was a mere lamb with the following quote "Everyone deserves a shot in life. But I do not have only lambs. I have players with character.”

The ex-Chelsea leg end will be remebered by English football fans for his massive contribution to an overrated Chelsea side during the 1999-2000 season who had a good run in the cup but lacked the character to maintain a meaningful run at the real prize of Premiership champions. It's thought that Deschamps may still be bruised by his description at the time as a mere 'water carrier' by the stylish and truly gifted Eric Cantona.

Whatever Payet represents it is considerably more than a water carrier but his impressive tally of assists and goals after a mere five games in the top league in the world suggests that Des Chumps may have shot himself in the foot by alienating the talented attacking force. Undoubtedly fans of Arsenal, Liverpool and Newcastle will testify that, at the very least, Payet is a Wolf in Sheeps clothing!

Meanwhile, Diddy-eh can focus upon the outstanding talent in the French league - where even Modi Maiga can look like a decent striker! He'll be needing to utilise the best of what is available if he is to avoid another embarrassing performance at the Euros in 2016 as his side have now slipped to 24th in the FIFA international rankings - their lowest since the rankings were first published! Even worse, the tournament will be held in France where the public will surely demand that their side both get results and with a degree of style that is sorely lacking at present.

Monsieur Deschamps, Tu as une idée de combien tu es ridicule depuis hier?


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