Sunday 19 April 2015

Why do so many teams rediscover their form when they play us?


At VERYWESTHAM we know many things about the Hammers but we have no coherent answer for this well established phenomenon!

At least the card count remains at zero for us...after Burnley's disciplinary bloodbath yesterday (two yellows and one red)

Keep the chins up lads. Still only 2-0, a set piece goal and they will get nervy......probably.

If we are getting totally tonked maybe am could finally let Reece Burke have a run out.

Pkease dont let Frank the Tank score.....PLEEEEEZZZE!

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  1. Other teams do not rediscover their form. We are just canon fodder. Invite any team on and they will eventually score. Especially with us having no counter attacking nouse. We are now the laughing stock in the English game. No matter who we play, we line ourselves up across the penalty box. Heart wrenching.


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