Monday 6 April 2015

Neglected Hammers Youth Turns to the Occult

Sam: Look into our eyes...and select us

Just exactly what were West ham playing for on Saturday? With hopes of European qualification through the front door long gone, there's no getting away from the fact that we are just playing out the season. Surely, but surely, these dead rubbers provide ideal opportunity to give our up and coming talent a run. Alas, not one of our developing squad even made the bench on Saturday!!!

The Europa league fair-play slot is the one remaining prize on offer. This presents a somewhat dubious reward as it does not come with any increased allowance in squad size and would undoubtedly seriously stretch our resources as we prepare for the new Stadium.

If Allardyce is to remain at the helm, there seems little likelihood that our younger players will ever get a run out. Moreover, it is equally likely that Sam will bring in additional 'experienced' players thus limiting playing time and squad places.

Maybe Jenks, Reid and Cressy were doing us all a favour on Saturday by picking up unneccessary cautions. In contrast, Kevin Nolan was pulling out of any fifty-fifty challenges, presumably to avoid a yellow card And boost our fair play ratings.

Perhaps its also time that we realised that, despite the substantial improvements of the past few years, we are not yet ready for Europe and the Europa league is a booby prize that requires tedious Thursday night trips to Monroviana and Rhazakstan and Rowackia to wrestle with mediocre sides for no meaningful outcome.

Let's get stuck in against the Orcs next week - a healthy card count might for once be welcome!

And give the kids a chance...if you neglect them too much they will turn bad, or even worse, desert us for our rivals.

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