Monday 30 November 2020

Anyone feeling a bit dirty?

There's very little arguing with flying Fifth in the table but any Hammers fans starting to get big ideas might need to think again. The win is always the most important statistic in any game but in every other way Aston Villa are entitled to feel hard done by to leave the London stadium with nothing to show after dominating both halves of the game - apart from the first 2 minutes of each in which they conceded soft goals. 

But enough of Villa, what is wrong with West ham? The loss to Newcastle in the opening fixture of the season remains our worst performance, but the three wins over Fulham, Sheff United and Villa were all disappointing shows where we stumbled home with all the points but little else to be pleased with. 

Against Villa we enjoyed just one third of possession, which as the home team is genuinely troubling. Gone is the quick passing and sleak interplay that underpinned our performances against Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool (from which we only managed a point but demonstrated our credentials as a tough side to dominate). 

Winning with sub-par performances is one of the characteristics of a good side but frankly we are pushing our luck at this stage!

At the core of the problem is our poor passing accuracy. Add to that our increasing reliance on long balls out of defence (yes, that's you Fab and Balbuena) to the relatively immobile Haller. Michail Antonio looked tentative tonight but if he stays fit we can expect to get more out of long balls but in reality we need to use the back five to pass out from the back. 

Also worrying tonite was the inability of Rice and Soucek to get any real hold on midfield. We were left chasing shadows after Grealish but in reality most sides find him a handful. But Hourihane and McGinn also found it all too easy. Moyes tried to stop the rot by changing it up at half time by going 4-5-1 but to no avail. 

With Man Utd visiting on Saturday night we need to get back to the drawing board and start passing the ball a whole lot better. Then again, we do seem to up our game for them so it'll be the perfect game to match a winning result with a decent performance. 

As for tonight, its hard not to feel for a Villa side who deserved at least a point. 



  1. Just stumbled upon this as a disgruntled Villan and wanted to say cheers for the fair and measured reaction. Not sure how we ended up with nothing from the game and the decision at the end was beyond a joke but that's PGMOL for you. Fair play to West Ham for taking their chances. Good luck against Yanited!

  2. I'm beginning to think that Grealish, Salah and Kane would make great contestants on Dancing on ice with the amount of artistic dives they manage in 90 minutes. Trezeguet would be a good reserve on the show!

  3. Yep, gotta feel for Villa. Tough one to take that but a win is a win however you get it and sometimes VAR goes for you and sometimes against. Bowen was good tonight but a few players did look tired. We have good back up so maybe time to rotate a bit..... After United that is. Good changes at half time and Benrahma looking like he should be starting every game.

  4. I felt angry at the end of the game, which is a shame given we won. My annoyance was in part due to our lacklustre showing, but was primarily aimed at the entire Villa side, for doing their best to break us down by blatant cheating. They're talented enough to beat us without it, and had they done so, I'd have had no complaints. But they didn't. Tom Daley would've been proud of their efforts, and for that alone they didn't deserve a thing. Grealish is a disgrace. I would like to see even one Villa fan admit that they're embarrassed by what a bunch of snowflakes their side are. That's not Villa of old...

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