Wednesday 25 November 2020

Moyes: Maker of Men!


The Man with X-Ray Eyes!

Remember when Michail Antonio was a winger? Even better, remember the excruciating pain watching Slaven Bilic's doomed experiment with Michail at right back? Bilic persisted in the face of clear evidence that Antonio lacked the defensive subtlety needed for the position and in all fairness to Michail, he kept the chin up and persisted for the team. Now look at him - one of the most feared strikers in the Premiership, both in terms of physicality and lethality in front of goal. 

Most of which is due to David Moyes' vision to put Antonio top of the house as striker. he may lack the precision of the likes of Sergio Aguero, but the man is a striking phenomenon and his is the name Hammers fans most want to see back in the starting line up for Villa nd Man United in our next two games. 

And then there's Arthur Masuaku.  The lad is immensely likeable but let's face it, he was on his way out of the club at the end of last season. As a left back, exposed and playing deep, Arthur is a time bomb waiting to go off. he has a history of zoning out at crucial times of putting his feet in where they shouldn't be risked. 

Zoom forward to November 2020 and Masuaku is another player reborn in his new role as an attacking left back wing back in a back five that has lost is previous leaky tendencies and is the foundation from which West Ham have become a really awkward team to play. Add to that Arthur's twinkle-toed first touch and the lad is a real threat going forward and links brilliantly with Cresswell and Fornals. Again, it's got to be thank you Mr Moyes for having the vision and trust in a player who has become a real asset to the team. 

Add to that Aaron Cresswell's return to form - with a series of performances that have him on the verge of the England squad again, it's been remarkable stuff! technically, the little fella is now a centre back, although really he's playing as a central left back, but whatever you call it, it's bloody working!

And so to Declan Rice. Many see his career as following that of Bobby Moore or Billy Bonds or Rio ferdinand - starting in midfield and then shifting to centre back for the mainstay of his career. No Way! Declan is far to potent as a defensive midfielder and also has, under Moyes, developed the attacking side of his game. Put simply, he'd be wasted at Centre Back!

Many fans were uninspired by the announcement that David Moyes was coming in to replace Pellegrini but at this stage you've got to admit that he has proven his ability to see where players can be best positioned. 

You have to wonder what he sees ahead for Seb Haller?


  1. Moyes to be offered Celtic job

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