Friday 10 January 2020

Remember This? How Things Have Changed Since Tevezgate!

It's been a crazy eight years for VeryWestHam since the blog first appeared in Summer of 2012. 1400 posts and almost 2 million visits since we arrive at tonite's big TV clash with our arch enemies at Sheffield United. To mark the occasion we are reposting our third ever offering from back in 2012. Annoyingly, the Blades have finally recovered from their relegation during the Tevez affair and are now looking likely to manage an unexpected top-ten finish in the Premiership while West Ham  once again, need points in a relegation battle. It'll be no place for feint hearts out there tonight. You wonder if Mr Tevez might be watching?

Here it is 

VERYWESTHAM Post #3 August 2012.

David Sullivan's comments in the match programme for the Villa game serve to remind us of the immense financial burden that the Hammers continue to shoulder as the Blades keep bleeding them for the compensation award from the Tevez affair. Another 10 million this year for the ever-disgruntled Blades to waste on earnest lower league types so they can grind out results on rainy Tuesday evenings at Hartlepool and Scunthorpe….ZZZZZZ.... No wonder their fans can't let go of the past. 

Carlos helps us to a crucial 3-0 defeat that was the catalyst for the Blades sickening demise

However, the figures revealed seem totally incongruous beside the outrageous monies that were linked to the Andy Carroll deal and leave one wondering what's really going on financially behind the scenes at Fortress Boleyn. There can be no doubting that the two Davids have brought much needed financial shrewdness to the club, but sometimes it’s impossible to make sense of all the speculation about transfer bids etc. Is Andy Carroll really that (£80K a week) good? Can someone who looks like a roadie for Status Quo really help sell that many jerseys?

PARTING OF THE WAYS: Francis Rossi has had his ponytail cut off after 35 years
Andy Carroll's dad, possibly.

On a brighter note, in these worrying times when Man City have seized the premiership title like some sordid business acquisition, the Blades stunning demise since they were awarded the 24 million emphasises that money alone does not guarantee success. Wouldn’t it be delicious to draw them in one of the cup competitions?

A Blades fan celebrating another 0-0 draw with Tevez cash yesterday

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