Wednesday 1 January 2020

Five Reasons Why We Look Like A Threat Again Under Moyes

Wow!!! 3-0 at half time. What is going on? Our 'experts' at VWH reckon it's due to five factors;
1. Our intensity is back- when did you last feel that we were first to the ball and bullying our opponents? Thought so! We look hungry.
2. Haller looks a nuisance again....and what a goal!
3. Nobes is fed up with all the talk...let's just do it lads is his philosophy and he is leading by example.
4. Fab is back. Good distribution and calm at the back. One key save just before half time keeps any thoughts of a Bournemouth comeback at bay.
5. Snodgrass looks like he's in the mood for dancing! Pity his set pieces have been poor but otherwise he is tormenting Rici in the Bournemouth defence.

Hopefully we can keep this up as a solid win would be a real boost, especially after we slipped into the drop zone earlier in the day.


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