Saturday 1 December 2018

Julien's Faux Pas #2

At this stage most of you will have missed out on grabbing one of Coldwar Steve's signed advent calenders but to lessen the blow we are continuing our series of crass rip-off's of the excellent surrealist images. With Lanzini's recovery stalled, Arnie's valiant efforts to assuage fears that at 29 years of age he might not have time to wait for the West Ham revolution to make it to Europe, and poor Arthur Masuaku firmly out in the cold, it's a confusing time at the circus we call West Ham United FC! 


BTW you can still pick up the advent calendar through @Coldwar_Steve. The last of the signed copies made £410 on ebay for MIND UK!

Christmas cards are available next week through the site and proceeds will also be donated to MIND so get a pile!

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