Thursday 18 May 2023

Moyes Turns Down Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Here's what he could have taken home

It's a big night of European footy as the Hammers push for the first major trophy in 40 years!

Manager David Moyes is looking to nail down his place in West Ham history by progressing past AZ Alkmaar tonight and then either Basel or Fiorentina in the final.

But this evening presents a tough test - Moyes is the only man to have ever steered an English side to victory aainst the Dutch side, beating Louis van Gaal's side with Everton 20 years ago!

Asked at the prematch press conference if he might follow Jose Mourinho's lead by getting a tattoo to mark the occasion he made it clear he prefers to stay ink free, whatever the outcome!

But if his side can prevail there will be no ducking from the squad's demands for him to dance to 'Cotton eye Joe"

Here's what he said at the press conference:

Q: Jose Mourinho got a tattoo of the Europa Conference League trophy when he won it with Roma. Will you do the same if you win it?

Moyes: "I don’t think I’ll have a tattoo, but I’ll look forward to trying to get the final. That’s the only thing I can consider at the moment"

Kick off is 8pm



  1. Graham potter to be new nice manager confirmed

  2. You won't get better than Moyes. Sort the owners out!

  3. Moyes out ASAP 😠 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩

  4. Please get moyes out otherwise we will be going through this same conversation 10 games in next season there is good managers out there now but come a few games in they will be all snapped up and we will be back to square one just cant stand the style of football we play now it's not the w ham way and so boring

  5. Paqueta has asked to leave w ham latest news


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