Sunday 21 May 2023

Hodor the Hero but questions remain about UEFA and Dutch security

Thursday evening's clash of West Ham and AZ Alkmaar was a tense and exciting affair eventually settled by Pablo Fornal's injury time stunner.

But the tie was marred by truly remarkable scenes in which over a hundred Alkmaar 'Ultras' dressed in black and hooded attacked the family and friends section of the ground. 

It's hard to see how such embarrassing cowardly behaviour could resonate with any wannabe thug and even more embarrassingly the thugs were beaten off by a 58 year old post- hip operation Hammers fan who bravely blocked the stairwell where the thugs attempted to gain entry. 

You'd have to wonder what's next on the agenda for these terrifyingly dumb hoodlums - maybe lay seige to a creche or a nursing home? 

But as the dust settles it is apparent that the Dutch authorities mismanaged the incident - failing to make any arrests at the stadium and now reversing into watching video footage of the heavily hooded thugs. 

The security was so amateurish that Hammers players felt compelled to do the security's job for them! And now, rumours emerge that UEFA are investigating the West ham players for their role in the incident. How bizarre can thus get?

In reality, UEFA have a duty of care to all teams and their supporters who participate in their events. Perhaps its time for West ham to take a considerably more assertive stance on the matter?

Or do we just let the cowardly thugs walk away and lazily blame the victims. It's farcical. 


  1. Surely this has to be a wind up? What are UEFA doing and thinking?Maybe they should bring the suits out of their shiny offices,line up members of their families and then arrange for the so called "ultras" to threaten them.What would they do that the West Ham players did do?And they are investigating the players-for what exactly? Whilst we are on a rant I would like to know how and why UEFA chose a venue in Prague in a stadium that holds only 20,000.For their information Fiorentinas gate against Napoli was 32,000,West Ham attract 60,000 for their matches.5,000 tickets to each club?Can you see trouble brewing?

    1. We've been pondering going to Prague and watchibg the game in a pub but you are right, it could get very toxic with disgrubtled ticketless fans roaming around

    2. Dont go w ham are just a load of thugs run by con men and a woman whose god is money

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