Sunday 27 February 2022

Rice, Yarmolenko, Chelsea and the Ukrainian Situation

As always, Captain Declan Rice handled the upheaval around the Ukrainian crisis with aplomb yesterday. The day began with him holding up our #7's shirt as a show of solidarity and after a hard fought gutsy win he tweeted "that was for you brother".


But the Ukrainian crisis may also have deeper ramifications for Rice's future as the vultures circle seeking a Summer transfer raid. In reality, there are probably only four suitors of note who mighy be able to offer better prospects than West Ham, with Chelsea and Man Utd the two that have been most widely mentioned.

The smart money recognises that Man Utd are a creaking mess, shored up by two ageing strikers and with a bad atmosphere at the club highlighted bt their best emerging talent being on gardening leave, while the Jesse Lingard farce has sent out a clear message to any potential arrivees that the club does not look after it's players.

And now Chelsea have entered a similar period or turmoil as Russian Oligarchy funds look to be paralysed and nobody wants to take over the reigns. Any ambitious player would have to think twice and then some before making such a move.

So it's over to Liverpool and Man City but do they want Rice enough to pay the ever increasing price? A strong run in could bump the Hammers to the next level that Rice seeks, and as the Kretinsky cash arrives we could be in a position to really push on to the next level.

Meanwhile, let's keep the people of Ukraine in our thoughts. 


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