Sunday 27 February 2022

Moyes Comes Clean About Hammers Hopes

Success breeds expectation and at West ham that is palpably the case. Fans have been frustrated by a recent mild dip in form where the Hammers have had to settle for draws when a win was needed to maintain our top four ambitions.

And fans have been critical of the team and Moyes tactics, perhaps unfairly as all teams go through periods of misfiring. The lack of new blood through the January transfer window has been cited as key factor in the loss of form but injury wise Moyes men have been lucky so far.

However, with FA cup action in midweek, a visit to Anfield next weekend to take on a scarily in-form Liverpool who will be seeking revenge for West Ham's 3-2 victory before Christmas, and the next phase of the Europa League approaching, its a pretty intense time ahead for the lads.

With all that in mind, David Moyes did not mince his words when asked about where he sees the club right now during today's post-match press conference - 

"I want us to be a team that can be a top four club but we are nowhere near that yet. So the job we have to do is a period of time to grow, We have made massive strides in two years to be in this position and we need to find ways of keeping us near the top and building again and having another period of growth and giving us the chance to become an even better team and club"

Right, that's that clarified then! However, many feel that the failure to bring in new players in January will be the crucial difference in whether we make top four or six this season and by extension whether we can keep Rice and Bowen in the Summer. If not, Antonio and Fabianski are well into their thirties so between that and the potential loss of Dec and Jarrod we will have a major rebuild on our hands.

The next 12 games really are crucial to our future.




  1. This is all your fault moyes buying no one in the winter market how naive are you bradys apprentice your fired

  2. Moyes gone in his shell again against the big six

  3. Bowen out for six weeks and a loss at Anfield same old w ham

    1. Bringing noble on pathetic shows lack of strengh

  4. Arsenal eying up kral

  5. Moyes may play noble agaist Sevilla just about sums up our ambition shit club

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