Monday 31 January 2022

It's Paulista Time!

It's fair to say that West Ham have fluffed their lines once again in the transfer market. With two hours to go until the 11pm deadline not a single incoming player has been reported.

This represents an amazing failure given the screaming need for back up in the striker and centre back positions! With z top four place still very possible, failing to strengthen aa threadbate squad seems remarkably naive.

The club have performed so poorly in the market  that they don't even seem to have a 'Paulista option'!

Back in 2012/3 the Hammers had an underwhelming January window but the fans disappointment was softened by the distraction of the signing of a largely unheard of Brazilian called Wellington Paulista.

On paper, Paulista looked like a decent punt with an impressive scoring rate but in practice the signing looked like a stunt aimed to keep fans happy without any real commitment.

Paulista left after a few months without a single appearance for the club. 

Right now Hammers fans would be happy with even the morcel of hope a Paulista signing would bring. 



  1. Get origi in if it isnt about the money prove it now he is available

  2. Origi has got to be signed, he's quality


  4. I cannot believe enough effort has been put in to getting deals done.Three transfer windows now passed since Haller sold and not a striker in sight ,a real blunder which will cost us come end of season,I hope I'm wrong truly but as seen our squad is not big enough to go on three fronts.


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