Monday 31 January 2022

Diaz Move Raises Origi To Hammers Hopes

As it emerges that West Ham's bungled attempts to bring in Darwin Nunez have stuttered to a halt, the arrival of Luis Diaz at Anfield surely opens the door even wider for Divock Origi's exit?

Origi may not be quite the massive signing many fans were hoping for but the Belgian striker has shown discipline and commitment durinv a frustrating time at Anfield that warrants thecreward of a fresh start at a club where he can get more game time.

The Hammers sensational humbling of the Reds at the London Stadium earlier this year was a high point of the season so far but it was almost undone as Origi reminded fans of his considerable skills with a late comeback strike that left Moyes' men sweating to the final whistle. 

With pace and power, and a decent goals per minutes-played ratio, he could be an ideal understudy for the overworked Michail Antonio. 

Fingers crossed that we have done our homework and can make a decent last gasp move for Origi.


  1. Origi is at burnley awaiting medical so more mis reporting

  2. Typical ⚒️ who is Newman and what has he brought to West Ham. Good bye top 4, Goodbye Europa League.

    Just very bad and dad news

  3. I don't think that West Ham will sign anyone, very disappointed as we will struggle to maintain our position on the ladder. Declan must be thinking he needs to be elsewhere? 50yrs a hammers fan,surely they have a plan I am gutted!!

  4. Frustration beyond no end. How on earth can you push on with no options available. The promise and potential and quality is there for all to see. It just needs that final push!! Come on hammers board, surprise us all in the last hour and a half!🙏🙏 sadly the final push may be our hopes of pushing on pushed over a cliff 🙄😣 let's hope and pray not eyy as such a shame and massive missed opportunity and bloody ignorance also.

  5. As a hammers fan for life I've never seen such blatant disregard for the manager and the team let alone the fans, moyes has shown he's capable (more than) and yet the board don't know when they have a good thing beginning, I along with every single West ham fan is gutted and disgusted with the board

  6. Shame on the board with no signing. We can forget about Europe Cup, FACup, and most of all the top 4. Get SGB OUT OF OUR CLUB NOW.

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