Sunday 29 August 2021

Hammers push for eleventh hour signings

It's all kicking off as West ham look to boost their squad ahead of what promises to be one of the most exciting campaigns in our history. 

With the arrival of Kurt Zouma to toughen central defence, all eyes are now on the offence where there seems to be serious activity around signing promising Croation Niko Vlasic, bring back Jesse Lingard and maybe also Gaetan Laborde as back up for Michail Antonio.

Vlasic 'enjoyed' a misfiring spell at Everton as a 19 year old but has subsequently matured into a serious presence at CSKA Moscow and looks ready to make a big impact if he returns to the Premiership.

The Lingard situation gets crazier by the day but in many respects is quite simple - he would be mad not to return to West ham rather than, at best, bench warm at Man United. The lad needs to play and that will happen at West ham.

Laborde looks like a decent addition as he has the energy and power that any back up for Antonio should have. At 27, he is worth a punt and will undoubtedly get game time as Moyes tries to manage Michail's injury issues.

If all three arrive then West ham are serious contenders to push for a top four Premiership spot as well as a decent assault on the Europa League. If not, watching the inevitable toll of a thin squad will be harsh on Moyes who has really got something going at West ham. 

Its time to speculate to accumulate. Two out of these three would be good. All three and we are truly in business!



  1. All three would be fantastic as it would take our total signings to over 20 if you add in the 5 for the under 23's and the 11 for the women! That should shut the moaners up for the rest of the season. COYI

  2. Need the 3 signings at the minimum best chance for the club going forward for years if we blow it would be a shame


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