Wednesday 11 July 2018

How Unlucky England Could Have Done With Hammers Ace! close for an unfancied England side in the World Cup. A little more composure in the second half and they surely would have skipped home. But, alas, they stopped passing the ball and let Croatia back into a game that could have been all but done at half time.

On reflection, it was in the early exchanges of the second half that a youthful English side lost composure and started to look for 'safer' long ball options. That was the moment that they needed a real leader in the middle of the park to talk the centre backs into keeping their composure and maintaining a link with a forward line that was until then keeping Croatie guessing.

For my money Jack Wilshere could have provided that link. Instead, Eric Dier was brought on in an effort to get a misfiring England ticking over again but struggled as England gave up possession and stumbled home.

Having said all of that, the England side deserve much praise, surprising many with their effectiveness in a tournament that has been fantastic. Well done Mr Southgate - calm, assured and tactically astute. All said and done, the regret will be that a young side didn't beat a Croatia side that really looked there for the taking.

So its back to all things West Ham and we have every right to be optimistic for the season ahead. The influx of ball players will surely bolster our capacity to use the space of the new stadium. The performances of Premier league players also enhances our belief in the league that we watch each week.

A final thought - who would have thought Spurs could have performed so well on the biggest stage? A big push and West Ham can be up there with the best!



  1. This is a young England side, they should be proud of what they achieved. Southgate greatest England manager for a long time. Success will come, well done to the team..dont be down did well

  2. Wish our West Ham players England well never win anything still as it stands West Ham won the World Cup still it all was be that way with West Ham players in the team

  3. I thought that the story was going to be about bringing on Andy Carroll to be on the end of those long balls as things got desperate.


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