Wednesday 5 April 2017

Liverpool Legend Slams Hammers Chiefs and Predicts Another Miserable Night Ahead

Mark 'Mystic Meg' Lawrenson is not exactly the most popular amongst Hammers faithful as he almost always predicts a defeat for our side and when he says we should win we invariably stutter. However, Lawro rarely goes so far as to directly criticise players or management having been domesticated by years of sit-on-the-fence BBC punditry. 

That is until now! In his usual 'West Ham will lose' match prediction he has added that he is 'sick of hearing' what West Ham's owners think of the club's performance and lashed into them for overuse of social media! 

Lawrenson went on to accuse the owners of ramping up the pressure on Slaven Bilic with their endless comments about his future at the club.

Things must be bad if even the normally docile Lawro is expressing such strong opinions! Maybe it's time for a media blackout at the club until Premiership safety is guaranteed?


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