Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Wow! We rate the model home kit for 2017/18

The speculation has started already regarding the Hammers new kits for next season. With Premiershio safety essentially guaranteed, there is little else to focus upon until the transfer window opens.

In one intriguing development, David Gold retweeted a shot of a delightful new kit - apparently drawing from the AVCO years, it looks very smart indeed and has already received the thumbs up from many supporters.

Our rating is as follows;

1. Overall balance of colours: 9/10. The blue hoop across the chest tilts the percentage of colour towards blue over claret, while the socks and shorts emphasize our third (important) colour in white - contrasting with the tendency to over emphasize blue on our shorts and socks in recent years.

2. Sponsor logo: 8/10. Traditionalists would prefer no such adornment but in fairness 'Betway' is pretty neutral and not too cumbersome compared to the cumbersome 'Jobserve' or embarrassing 'XL' of past kits.

3. Neck: 7/10. A crucial component of any kit. The V neck is a little too informal for many who prefer a more dominant neck when combining the jersey with a standard black collared jacket. However, mercifully there are no tedious neck buttons or similar tedious adornment. Overall, the neck presents a definite area for improvement.

4. Material: not rated. Again crucial to every kit but not really clear from this picture. In recent years the quality of jersey material has improved greatly and hopefully will be maintained.

5. Cost: Again tbc. The outlandish price of kits in recent times seems likely to continue but at least for Hammers fans we know that the canny club owners have made sure that the vast majority of income generated through kit sales goes directly to the club and maybe, just maybe, this year all that dosh will be used to bring in the striker that we need rather than a bunch of untested loanees!

Overall, what we can see here gets our thumbs up.



  1. What's the point of a stunning kit if we have no footballers to wear them more money in clubs pocket

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  4. i went to the game last night,it was great,half of the crowd were sozzled after leaving work and going straight in the pub.i think they might keep caleri on for next season.

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