Tuesday 3 May 2016

Ex Hammer Supplants the Pope

Errrr....wrong ex-Hammer, dude!

It's almost too bizarre to take in......Leicester City are Premiership champions!!! They started the season at 5,000/1 - that's a long shot compared to the 2,000/1 odds quoted against the Pope playing for Celtic!

But as we all know, despite his interest in footy, Pope Francis simply couldn't compare with the celestial skills of ex-Hammer Carlton Cole.

Observers are putting 'the Leicester thing' down to a rupture within the very core of World football. It has been known for years that just as with the Bilderburg group who control world politics, FIFA has been dominated by twelve foot high lizard aliens for decades and now, with Sepp Blatter and his cronies gone, anything is possible in the previously conservative world of football.

Speaking of which, for those who missed out on the Leicester betting fest, Man City are 6/1 against winning the Champion's league outright.

However, despite his latest MOTM performance at the weekend, there are no available odds for Mark Noble getting a late call up for England's Euro squad. None whatsoever.


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