Tuesday 17 May 2016

Moore Than Just A Khazi Seat

With only hours to go before the big Upton Park fire sale Hammers fans are quickly learning what its like to support a 'big' club. Meeting the wage demands of a talented squad bursting with top internationals (except for Hodgson's England) is a costly business and requires all sorts of ingenious cash-making schemes. In one such example, fans recently learned that they can purchase their own plastic stadium seat at a mere £50 a go! Ouch!!!

However, top Hammers stalker Paximus has been scratching together his hard-earned cash to make an audacious bid to pick up an unusual bargain. With his cash at the ready he plans to grab one of the supercomfy stadium toilet seats.  Chances are it'll cost him a bit more than your standard B&Q khazi seat (currently priced at an enticing £4.87!) but it could be put to practical use rather than gathering dust in the Farewell Boleyn cardboard 'presentation' box that the stadium seats come in.

Other bargains on offer include a corner flag (bidding starts at £20....watch that reach £200!) and the players bar sign (bidding starts at £50........we estimate it reaches £1000)...

Madness, pure madness........but we love it!


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