Monday 2 May 2016

Top Hammers Defect to Arsenal


First up, sincere congratulations to Leicester City for completing possibly the greatest shock success in a major soccer league in modern times. Their Premiership title surely ranks even higher than the Greece Euro championships of 12 years ago. One wonders are the odds of them repeating the triumph next year greater than avoiding relegation? ....Just a thought!

Meanwhile the race for the Champions League continues. The Hammers bid looked to have been snuffed out by a run of terrible refereeing decisions, but Man City's defeat to Southampton has reignited hopes. With three games left the Hammers are 5 points adrift of City who have two remaining fixtures. Their next clash is at home against the Gooners.

If West Ham can win all three remaining fixtures they will need City to capture less than four points as the Moonies superior goal difference essentially equates with an extra point. City have the hapless Swansea in their final match so we need an Arsenal win at the Etihad - a tall order, but not's a rare sentiment in these pages but in hushed tones we are starting to mumble....'Go Gooners' !!! .......splutter, splutter.

Man United have a point more than the Hammers but inferior goal difference such that we simply need to keep winning (including in the remaining home fixture with them) to leapfrog Van Gaal's men. Next up is Swansea at home before the tricky away trip to Stoke. Fortunately, Mark Hughes side are well out of sorts and may not quite provide their usual challenge. 

All in all, 10-1 against our achieving fourth place are probably the right odds. Oh for better luck in those draws that should have been victories against Chelsea, Arsenal, Palace and Leicester. They say that luck balances out over a season......hmmmmm.

Cheering for Arsenal will be.........'strange'!!!

Either way, this has been a fantastic season in which we have been equal to any other side - home or away. We enter the Olympic Stadium in the best shape (financially, managerially and squadwise) that we have ever been in during the Premiership era.




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