Monday 11 April 2016

Oooooarrrrgh...We've got a Donnybrook!!!

Tonight's U21 clash between West Ham and Aston Villa took an unexpected turn when a mass brawl broke out in the final minute of play. Villa Park bore witness to awful scenes of extreme hand-bagging as players on both sides took to a push n shove routine after Villa captain Kevin Toner let fly with two consecutive 'robust' challenges that left the Hammers youngsters fuming!

George Dobson's efforts to remonstrate most strongly with Mr Toner were substantially enhanced by a powerful shove from behind from a Villa player who had decided to join the fracas and lost his footing just at the point of entry into the melee.

Lucky Pierre! Dobson get's a cuddle sandwich from two Villains
The incident dragged on for a full 3 minutes before play resumed. Toner was red-carded. Nobody (including multi-million valuable asset Reece Oxford) was physically injured but no doubt some feelings were hurt. Villa won 3-2.

The FA will probably launch a major enquiry into the Donnybrook, so-named after the posh modern day suburb of Dublin where in the 19th century a feisty fair was held annually which often descended into proper violence, quite dissimilar from the scenes witnessed this evening.


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