Thursday 9 November 2023

We demand a Greek tragedy!

If you look up the definition of a Greek tragedy you will know that it typically deals with themes of pride, arrogance, love and loss, highlighting the fraught relationship between men and the Gods. 

And so it is that the Greeks of Olympiacos come to London tonight seeking to humiliate David Moyes bedraggled Hammers. Having dumped an out of sorts Hammers to their first European defeat in eons, the Greeks will surely swagger into town believing that further glory awaits their pillaging horde.

However, the arrogance of Olympiacos' provocative supersized banner during West ham's ill-fated visit to Athens a fortnight ago can be the motivation for a traditional East End revenge tonight.

A fortnight ago, it was Moyes' men who succumbed to the evil embrace of arrogance, allowing the energetic Greeks to seize the momentum. Two defensive howlers later and the game had slipped from the Hammers' flimsy grasp!

In fairness, the Greeks deserved their victory and at times played with riotous joy against an understrength West ham. But Olympiacos looked much less confident once Moyes finally unleashed his top talents and the suddenly shaky Greeks barely hung on for a famous 2-1 victory.

And therein lies the key to tonight's would be revenge - attack early and with great ire and Olympiacos will crumble. Anything less would be a crime against the Gods of football!

VERYWESTHAM will be pitchside as the game unfolds.

Our preferred starting XI is: Fabianski, Coufal, Mavropanos, Aguerd, Emerson, Alvarez, Ward-Prowse, Paqueta, Kudus, Bowen, Antonio.



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  1. As long as it ain’t the Bee Gees singing Tragedy I’m ok with a Greek one.


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