Thursday 30 November 2023

Impotent Irons lurch towards play offs

It's all gone very drab out in Serbia as the hapless Hammers have failed to impose their tactics on the game and allowed a determined Topola to coast along with hardly a save for their keeper to make.

Moyes has brought on fresh 'firepower' in Ings (no goals this season to date) and Cornet ( who has never scored for West ham).

Backa will see a result as their finest European achievement and look the more likely to snatch a win than the Hammers.

It's looking like the scenic route for Moyes men where if they don't beat Freiberg will have a two-leg knockout with a side dropping from the Champions league.

On the plus side, it would make for a cracking finale to the group in a fortnight.



  1. Viagra required for the Palace game!

  2. Shocking second half from w ham we are a terrible team to watch now disgusted we couldn't win against a poor palace team moyes holding us back big time now


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