Sunday 29 December 2019

Pelle Replacement Battle Hots Up as Dyer, Di Canio and Redknapp Emerge as Candidates

Premiership management is one of the last bastions of ruthlessness on the planet, where failure to produce the goods has inevitable and harsh consequences. And so it is that despite his massive pedigree, extensive knowledge of football and erudite manner, Manuel Pellegrini got the boot as his underperforming squad slipped ever closer to Chumpionship status.

Listening to the vitriolic outpourings of many that led up to the sacking you really have to wonder if some of these folk are really West Ham fans? In my 55 years of fandom we have always been a circus and quite frankly that's how we like it! Its a game of entertainment where you have to take lots of pain for the occasional joyous success. Like it or not, that's the deal with our beloved Hammers.

While the pundits have David Moyes as firm favourite for the role at 1/25 odds, many see him as having had his best years many moons ago. Eddie Howe (10/1), Rafa Benitez (14/1), Tony Pulis (20/1) and Chris Hughton (20/1) trail well behind in the bookies estimation but the real action is surely with Harry Redknapp (20/1), Sam Allardyce (33/1) and Paolo Di Canio (22/1).

Interestingly, odds for either Alan Pardew or Slaven Bilic are not even quoted!

If you want a proper knees up to go with your circus experience then why not go for Danny Dyer (500/1)?

The boys at Julien's Faux Pas have done a piece to 'celebrate' the latest madness...Enjoy, and keep on laughing!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Well its not Kieron Dyer, Ex-Hammer but you would surely know that...

  2. What's this article all about?

    1. Life, love and the vissitudes of human nature...

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