Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Master Moyes is Back at the Helm!

Moyes is back and already has highlighted indiscipline as an issue that he will focus on with the faltering Hammers squad. It's hard to disagree with him given our frustrating recent pattern of conceding silly goals. Fabianski's return will undoubtedly help reverse that trend, but we also need to improve our performance in midfield where we lack pace and seem too easily over run. There have been calls to play two up front to compensate for Haller's lack of pace, but with the two man midfield of Rice and Noble we have been struggling to compete. It will be fascinating to see how Moyes addresses this obvious shortcoming in our set up but don't be surprised to see a more pact midfielder join the ranks in the January transfer window.

Here are Moyes comments from his first interview:

"Discipline, I'd have said, was probably one of the biggest jobs I had when I came in last time. I had to make sure there was zero tolerance".
"But I feel I might have to go back to the start and say 'we're back to here', and I'd have liked to have come in with a new message."
"I actually thought that I had got rid of some of those things and we'd got to a bit where there was quite a bit of non-negotiable 'you're doing the work."

It'll be fascinating to see what starting XI he picks for the Bournemouth clash! One suspects that he may have been keeping an eye on our performances for some time as he almost certainly would have been canvassed about his availability and willingness to return to the helm if Pellegrini failed to turn it around.


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