Monday 30 December 2019

Computer Says No...especially to West Ham!

Just as many Hammers fans have suspected for some time, everyone and everything is against us. When VAR was introduced we all thought that the bias against certain clubs would end. Sadly, we have seen how even with video analysis as an aid, the VAR guys often get it wrong, a8nd in a particular direction!

An analysis of VAR results this season show that the Hammers are not getting the bounce of the ball either on or off the pitch, including in the VAR booth. Considering all of the VAR decisions so far this season shows how West Ham are the second most decided-against club!

With only three routine checks going their way, a whopping six close calls have gone against the Hammers! This includes three overturned goals (vs Tottenham, Chelsea and Southampton) with two disputed goals against them awarded (vs Brighton and Bournemouth) and Man City being allowed to retake a penalty due to encroachment.

On the up side, the only team who have had less luck with VAR are Sheffield United, boo-hoo!

Let's hope 2020 sees better luck for the Hammers, both on and off the field of play!

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