Sunday 31 March 2019

Bobby Bubbles gives his verdict on a day of disappointment: player ratings

Pellegrini: He has a real job on his hands if he is to rid the club of our traditional inconsistency. Once again when we looked set to push into seventh we totally blew it
 We look disorganised in defence and although we enjoyed a thriller against Huddersfield, defensively we were a shambles. The team horribly underperformed yesterday but the formation didn't help. Strange starting selection highlights how short we are on a decent striker with Arnie totally off form. Pelle looks out of ideas as to how to manage the moody Austrian. Also, if Noble was fit enough for the bench why didn't he come in at half time as we were totalky over-run in midfield in the first half? 4/10.

Fabianski: Is it any wonder he has the highest shot stopping statistic in the league. A busy day with little thanks but he saved us from an embaerrassing scoreline. Its a bad sign when the keeper is your MOTM! 8/10.

Zabaletta: As always, he gave it everything but struggled with Everton's pace throughout. D8d try to kick off some attacking response but couldn't connect with anybody on a day that we played like strangers. 5/10.

Ogbonna: Its hard to know which of our CBs should give way for Balbuena but both looked ill focussed and struggled to maintain a coherent line. 4/10.

Diop: See above. My guess is that Pelle will bring Balbuena back in to partner Issa next week. Hopefully that will spark a return to his early season form. 4/10.

Cresswell: Victim of a poor formation that left him repeatedly isolated against Coleman and mates down the left. Offered little going forward in what was a blunt offensive performance. 4/10.

Rice: The one player who can take something positive from his performance but all too often its becoming the Rice show in the engine room. He was hopelessly outnumbered on a frustrating day. 6/10.

Obiang: With reduced game time his performances have dwindled. Simply not a big enough presence for a defensive midfielder and off the pace. Hopefully Noble will be fully fit for next week. 2/10.

Snodgrass: Huffed and puffed but couldn't make an impact. 4/10.

Lanzini: Still not back to his pre-injury level but with more game time we can hope he will step up again. Missed a creative partner in midfield with Anderson and Nasri absent. 4/10.

Perez: Errr....a strange selection to say the least. Maybe he is playing well in training but its hard to see why Pelle keeps giving him a chance. 1/10.

Arnautovic: Another pedestrian shift. He looks short on confidence. Had two decent chances in the first half but totally fluffed both of them. The boos as he was subbed said it all. 4/10.


Antonio: Tried to add energy but lacked the necessary guile to turn around an abysmal day. 4/10.

Chicharito:  Strikets need service. He didn't get any. 3/10.

Diangana: Guilty of trying too hard but at least he gave it a go. 4/10.

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