Sunday 31 March 2019

Everybody's Favourite Second Team? Perhaps Not!!!

Totally Lovabubble!!!

In the good ole days everybody loved West Ham. The academy, a classy home and (especially) away kit and the World Cup three. The fact that we generously gave away our best players to bigger clubs and were usually a good bet for 3 points when your club was on a losing streak also helped, no doubt.

But somewhere along the way 'little'West ham have irritated fans of opposition sides and are now the 4th most hated club in the Premiership!!! The Daily Mirrir conducted a fans poll and found that behind Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool, West ham ranked as the next most disliked club!

But its not all bad as the fall in popularity is more than matched by a swelling support for the club in its East London and Essex hinterland. Moreover, the 'hatred' almost certainly reflects the fact that West ham are now the 16th richest club in the world and hace the sweetest ever stadium deal that can only point towards greatrr and greater success as virtually all of our income is available for investment in the team!

Either way, here is the list. Millwall, of course, dont figure in a Premiership ranking but would surely give Chelsea a run for their money!

Most Hated Premiership Clubs (% of fans expressing hatred towards the club)

Chelsea: 68.7%
Man Utd: 68.1%
Liverpool: 52.8%
West Ham: 47.6%
Arsenal: 46.2%
Tottenham: 43.5%
Man City: 38.7%
Cardiff: 36.5%
Crystal Palace: 29.7%
Everton: 27.0%
Watford: 24.0%
Newcastle: 23.5%
Wolves: 20.1%
Leicester: 18.9%
Southampton: 16.3%
Brighton: 16.2%
Fulham: 15.0%
Burnley: 13.3%
Bournemouth: 10.2%
Huddersfield: 9.7%

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