Wednesday 14 November 2018

It's Like McFadden's Cold War at West Ham

Order restored I hear you say! Indeed you are correct - after a 'season changing' win over Burnley and facing a series of ten very winnable games........the Hammers headed for lowly Huddersfield and well, you know the rest!

But our tradition was under threat in other ways - there's the growing sense that we might be developing a decent squad that can genuinely challenge with the best - with one of the best forwards in the league, a midfield that looks incisive, a classy and maturing CB partnership and an amazing keeper it had all started to look pretty positive...

So then we make a sloppy effort to bring in Samir Nasri, one of football's less likeable characters, followed by the revelation that Arnie is thinking about leaving the circus that is West Ham behind for better climes. Hmmm.

"a furious absurdism" - no, not West Ham, but the Guardian's recent description McFadden's Cold War - that could just as easily apply to all things Hammers. Surreal and absurd - perhaps the single greatest components of the 'West Ham way'. If you haven't checked out @Coldwar_Steve it's time you took a peek. Through the illogical disarray, things will suddenly all make perfect sense!

In honour of the week that has been, we have mashed up one's of Coldwar_Steve's mashups for your perusal. Hopefully it will clarify what is going on at the Hammers right now for you.

Fortune's always hiding....always.


  1. Trust me declan will be leaving in january true true true

  2. Challenge the best with one of the best. Owww, would like to see if that works..!
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