Saturday 10 November 2018

Anyone Missing Noble?

In classic West ham fashion, we are allowing a very modest Huddersfield side dictate matters in a game where we look disorganised and lacking in bite. Huddersfield are carrying our defence and have very successfully prevented our ability to play the ball out from the back - plan B shoukd be to go throgh midfield but our lack of adequate presence in the middle has left us looking clueless.

This is exactly the sort of game where Captain Claret is needed to put some order on proceedings. Rice and Obiang are doing their best but we need a third midfielder to create some rhythm. Hmmm. To all the Noble knockers you'd have to say that we are missing our leader!

30 minutes to go and you'd have to favour a second Huddersfield goal rather than a Hammers breakthrough right now as the second half is turning out just as fragmented as the first.


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