Sunday 16 September 2018

As If Things Aren't Bad Enough.......And Now This!

What's in that ciggie?

It's been a trying start to the Pellegrini era to say the least. After a £100M investment and a decent preseason campaign, West Ham have lost all four Premiership games and look set to break our own embarrassing record of consecutive defeats at the start of a season with a tough trip to our bogey team in Everton! 

When you are down on your fortune there is no shortage of fools to offer 'friendly' advice as to how to improve your lot and luckily for Pellegrini Stan CollyWobbles, football Yoda, has stepped up with some to quality advice - to sell Marko Arnautovic!!!

Arnatovic was our player of the season last year and has offered the few moments of respite so far this season with his two goals. He has run and run despite playing in an underperforming side and has set an example with his work rate and commitment that is surely the basis of West Ham's desired recovery? Many fans would agree with the sentiment that 'if only we had eleven players like Marko'!

But the world of football punditry is no stranger to gratuitous controversy which seems the best explanation for Collywobbles unprovoked attack upon the Hammers star. Referring to Marko as a fancy Dan, he has suggested that "he (Pellegrini) needs to get rid of players like Arnautovic and build a proper spine ­before adding the players around the periphery".  

Perhaps Stan should stick to his other hobbies and leave Pellegrini and his 35 years of managerial success to work out what to do next? Let's hope that we can get a result today - if only to get away from this type of speculative nonsense! 



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