Friday 28 September 2018

Disgraceful Scenes at London Stadium

Everybody knows the Count's favourite number!
The Cup can bring all sorts of extravagant fare - giant killings (yes, we know!), joy and tragedy (F*** off Stevie G!), and hopeless mismatches. Wednesday night saw the ruthless side of Pellegrini - something we Hammers can remember from a recent cup mauling by Man City, as a dominant Hammers side simply didn't know when to stop. All over the world, various protection activists abandoned their posts to express outrage at the whipping dished out by a second line Hammers side to poor League 2 Macclesfield.

Hammers fans were left with a terrible sense of self loathing as we murmured 'enough is enough now lads' while secretly wishing for more. Disgraceful, unwarranted but simply delicious! It had been 35 years since the 10-0 mauling of Bury but in the modern era such huge goal spreads are much less common, making this possibly our greatest ever dismantling job!

Speaking after the game, Rory Nostradamus revealed "eight was probably a bit harsh on the Macc Lads, I'd settle for 4 or 5 against Man U on Saturday!".

Confidence is high right now and maybe after all the disappointment of the first four games we have earned the right to savour a bit of success!



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