Friday 24 August 2018

In Search of the Sky Blue Yonder

There has been much discussion regarding the disappointment of West Ham's choice of kit design for this season. In particular, the lack of blue on the sleeves of our home kit gives a very 'Burnley-like' feel to the strip - ironically, just as Burnley have added more blue to their claret- heavy top!

The team are certainly doing their best to make up for our lack of blue in a sartorial sense with some depressing on field performances that have left many fans feeling very .....well....'blue' about our prospects for this season which promised so much until the real action commenced a fortnight ago.

So where has the sleeve blue gone? A walk through Nashville airport last Sunday provided a surprising clue - we seem to have lent it out to legendary baseball outfit, the Phillys, who have a very Hammers like strip this season - as evidenced in their clash with the Mets!

With a trip to the Emirates this weekend, Hammers fans might be forgiven for developing a sudden interest in baseball as we could well find ourselves looking at our worst ever start to a Premiership season with three straight defeats!

Then again, maybe it's time for Pellegrini's side to find their rhythm and start to deliver upon our considerable Summer investment?

Failing that, the home clash with Wolves on the following Saturday has the feel of the earliest six-pointer in our history!!!

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