Wednesday 8 August 2018

Greedy Hammers Look to Grab at Least Two More Prizes!

We have entered the final stretch of the transfer window and now face the day when it all gets a bit weird - in a fun way. West Ham have enjoyed a productive transfer period and look well equipped to launch a decent assault upon the Premiership next year. At last, the board have splashed the cash and also let the experts get on with the business of acquiring top talent, and without all the media hype.

As such, anything seems possible in the next few hours, including some under the radar business. Pellegrini has been coy about his plans but its pretty clear that he likes to have options and wants players who are mobile and skilful - attributes that are required throughout the side in order to allow the kind of free-flowing attack-minded football we are all hoping for next season.  

So, what can Hammers fans expect? Almost certainly top of the list is a midfield enforcer. Kouyate has gone and although Rice is improving at a remarkable pace, Nobes is ageing. Obiang looks set to stay but....we could see all manner of high jinks in the midfield area, but expect at least one new signing. 

Up front, Hugill has gone out on loan so that frees up space for another striker. With Arnie and Chicharito at the top of the list, it'll probably be a player who will settle for being second string or perhaps an understudy.  

At the back we need to ask how bad is Winston Reid's injury as this will dictate whether one more recruit is needed. Diop and Balbuena have looked impressive in Preseason, but it remains to be seen how they handle Mo Salah et al when the real business starts this weekend!

So, at least another midfielder, probably an extra striking option and maybe another CB. You'd better strap yourself in cos there's a high likelihood of more action in the 24 hours ahead.

Aren't you glad you renewed your season ticket?



  1. From the state's I'm excited for the up coming season looking and hoping for t0p seven finish and European competition

  2. Comment from Ken king west ham til l die

  3. Couldn't wait to get rid of moyes could you IDIOTS

  4. Avram grant all over again


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