Sunday 12 March 2023

What is Really Ailing Scamacca?

One of the (many) disappointments at West ham this season has been the limited impact from our big money Summer signings. 

While Nayef Aguerd has been brilliant since returning from the injury that delayed his participation in the side, Lucas Pacqueta, Thilo Kehrer and most of all, Gianluca Scamacca have underwhelmed.

Kehrer looks sleak in possession but too often lacks the defensive sharpness that the Premiership demands. Pacqueta is clearly going through first season syndrome and only recently has David Moyes realised his best midfield position is playing deeper than he did for the early part of the season.

And then there's Scamacca. The 24 year old Italian looks to have it all - tall, physical and with a shitwhistling shot in the arsenal. However, he has stuttered through the season, grabbing just seven goals - mostly in Europe - and failing to displace the ageing Antonio from the starting berth up front....but why?

Rumours of personal issues, fall outs with his agency, tensions with Moyes and homesickness are all pretty shallow explanations. In reality, he has had a niggling injury and like all strikers needs momentum to be at his best. 

Scamacca can score from both inside and outside the box, and his link play is decent, but he isn't the high octane pressurizing forward Moyes prefers. He has only had a handful of opportunities to play alongside Paqueta who is his supplier-in-chief but hopefully the season's run in will see that pairibg more frequently. 

Ideally, Scamacca would have a striking partner, but that's unlikely under the cautious 'one up top' system that Moyes prefers 

In short - the principal problem with Scamacca is a lack of game time to build relationships with his attacking colleagues. The Italian media is having fun dropping all sorts of hints about unrest, adding to the possibility of a cut price return to Serie A, but in reality if he gets a bit of good fortune Gianluca has what it takes to thrive at West ham.


  1. Moyes took too much mire bedding Scamacca in from the outset and Antonio was preferred. Same happened to Haller. Then came the injuries, one after another. Antonio has scored goals very recently, but he is not the answer up front.

  2. Scamacca will never thrive under moyes just like haller vllacic and anderson moyes just wont let players be skillfull play together 2 up top and give them more freedom its MOYES why cant people see throgh that

  3. Moyes is a dinosaur manager with no idea of the modern game and how to adapt to games as they unfold. His main tactic when things go wrong is to sub like for like and hope. Any player with flair and skill has no chance with him still as manager - he will suck the football life from them. Our great club is suffering and he should be gone ASAP.

  4. Carrick as next manager is staring w ham down the throat but w ham will miss the boat they wont do it they never do the right thing

  5. Moyes update we all know hes job is safe just as we know we are going to be relagated

  6. Paqueta latest player wants out of w ham

  7. Scamacca wanted by both Milan clubs and now SPURS

  8. Benrhama will join ac Milan at end of season moyes wants him out


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